Quality objectives

  1. To improve the quality management system continually and ensure it runs smoothly and sustainably, by conducting quality audit and management review periodically every six months with corrective and preventive measures where necessary.

  2. To provide quality management system training to all employees to keep awareness of the system every six month.
  3. To ensure quality product/service to customers by conducting customer survey annually and taking subsequent corrective and preventive actions.
  4. To control operating costs through effective planning every budget year and conducting bi-annual budget review so as able to offer competitive charges to customers.
  5. To increase revenue on average by 10% every year.
  6. To build company image commensurate to its scope of service and experts continually using available technologies and communication system such as exhibition, distribution of brochures, news and organizing customers such that it becomes a household name.

    To increase over all capacity of the organization by taking inventory and appropriate action every year.


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