Social Activity

Derartu Tulu Preparatory Secondary School is a neighboring public school with humble facilities. To that effect, the school had sent letter of request to SABA Engineering PLC so as to help the school in improving its modest facilities. Helping needy outstanding students was one of the proposed alternatives to alleviate the school problems. Following the call, SABA had decided to help ten outstanding students who are unable to cover their educational fees and other concurrent expense due to the financial constraints and lack of parents or guardians to take care of them. On May 17, 2008 the school committee consisting of the School Director, a teacher and a representative from the students' parents brought 10 selected students to introduce them with SABA and discussed on how to design the necessary procedure for helping the students.


On the meeting the students introduced themselves. In addition, one of the students extending her gratitude to SABA on behalf of her fellow students and the school. Subsequently, the representative of students' parents has exclaimed his excitement for the charity offered by SABA.

 Finally, Eng. Samson Bekure Managing Director of SABA Engineering PLC, discussed the meeting with the necessity of proper plan and procedure to execute this support as desired.


On the spot, Eng.Samson Bekure, MD, SABA, being touched by the situation decided to add 10 more students to be included in the program which makes the total to 20 students.


To effect this social activities, a guide line has been prepared by the Public Relations Service of SABA which is the owner of such activity. The guideline will serve as a working manual to execute the program properly. It tries to put vividly about the amount of the pocket money, payment procedure, duration of the grant and other benefits like provision of summer job. Out of the 20 students who are benefited through the program 6 students have been provided a summer job in SABA and business partner, Gondwana Engineering PLC. Moreover, shelter and food have been provided for one of the students who are abandoned and has nowhere to stay and continue her schooling.

The payment of the pocket money for all students will be started as of September 2008.The payment amount is 250 birr for each student on monthly basis. The support will continue until completion of University or college education.


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