Bole - Bulbula Stone production

Bole Bulbula Construction Stone Production Share Company was established in 1979 E.C. under the former Mineral Resource Development Corporation. It was reestablished as a share company in 1992 E.C. with an authorized capital of Birr 5,891,000.00 and a paid up capital of Birr 5,443,978.00. The company was transferred to Saba Engineering PLC on August 1st, 2007 following the Government privatization policy.

The Company is located in Addis Ababa, Bole Sub-City with a total concession area of 893,903m2 at three different sites; the head office is located in Bole Kifleketma, Kebele 17/19/20 with a total concession area of 485,890m2. The remaining balance is in Bole Belo and Tana Beles sites with area coverage of 225,681m2 and 18,332m2 respectively. Currently the Tana Beles site has stopped producing crushed aggregate due to the depletion of source rock, left as suitable for the production of selected material. Belo quarry site has completed the necessary infrastructural conditions erections, commissioning and has become operational in November 2008.

At current production rate the site potential could last for 15 years. Bulbula site has been operational for the last 23 years. At the present daily production rate it may use the resources beyond 5 years, but the potential for extraction and processing selected fill is big that could sustain for another ten years.

Currently the share company produces different sizes of concrete gravels, sub-base, base course, and selected material (garaganty) as well as masonry stone. The commonly produced sizes of gravels are 0-10mm, 10-15mm, and 15-25mm. The products are used for building and road construction purposes.
The company utilizes fine grained, fresh and massive basalt for crushed aggregate production after stripping the overburden and blasting. The muck pile is crushed in two stage crushing units and graded to different size fractions. The source rock for selected material is moderately to highly weathered and fractured basalt. Masonry stone is excavated from ignimbrite deposit.

The company produces and supplies the following materials to its clients:

  • Different sizes of concrete gravels
  • Sub-base
  • Base course
  • Selected material (paraganty)
  • Masonry stone
  • Window Sill and Stair Riser

Contact Person:

Mr. Hailu Mamo, Administration and Finance Head,
Tel: +251-11-6-52-44-97, E-Mail: or


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