Design Department

Design Department is one of the five operational departments of the Company organized to provide a full range of expert services in the design of roads bridges, buildings, water supply & sewerage systems.Beside this the department conducts ground surveying works and evaluation of aerial photographs. 

The road and bridge division is comprised of teams of road, drainage and bridge Engineers who are responsible for geometric design of roads and minor and major drainage structures and highly skilled topographers, surveyors, photogrammetrists and data analysts. Similarly the building and water division are staffed with the necessary experts.

As part of the effort of meeting the challenges of the growing engineering design services , the department has increased its technical capacities to the most recent methods of computerized land surveying of route corridors, data analysis and road design techniques. Where, the latest surveying equipment like GPS and total stations with design software like 12D,SDR & Inroads for design of roads .SAP -2000 & ETABs for design and analysis of bridge structures have been deployed,. It also applies HECRAS, HECHMS, EPANET and Water CAD softwares for drainage and storm analysis.

The major professional services the department provides to its clients are:

  • Traffic engineering, counting and surveys
  • Transportation management and planning studies.
  • Aerial photographic and photogrammetric evaluation
  • Route selection
  • Detailed ground survey.
  • The detail design of new upgrading,rehabilitation and maintenance road projects.
  • Architectural, Structural, electrical and sanitary design of buildings.
  • Water Supply and sewerage systems design.
  • Tender document preparation evaluation of bidsFeasibility studies, socioeconomic & environmental assessments  

Contact Person:

Eng. Beakal Tadesse,

Design Department Manager

Tel: +251-11-4-396348


Email:  Or



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