Contract Formulation Department

This is one of the five Departments of SABA Engineering which is involved in contract documentation and administration to all other departments. The Contract Formulation and Supervision Department is responsible for the management of works contracts including tender document preparation, pre-contract services, formulation of works contracts and construction supervision.

The Department has two Divisions: Contract Formulation, and Contract Administration and Supervision Division. The Contract Formulation Division is responsible for the formulation and compilation of tender documents for work contracts, pre-contract services, the administration of works contracts, scheduled and unscheduled reporting, payment certifications, claims handling and other related duties.

The Contract Administration and Supervision Division is responsible for the quality control and supervision of construction projects in order that outputs comply with the contract documents. All supervision staff including resident or intermittent supervisors are particularly accountable to the Head of the Division. Both Divisions supplement each other’s duties.

The Department is staffed with professionals experienced in construction supervision and management, claims and contract administration of road and bridge projects.

The major professional services the Department provides to its Clients include:

  • Preparation of tender documents and contact agreements for Works Contracts
  • Organize, supervise and direct supervision crew for different construction projects
  • Supervise and follow up the status of the progress of projects
  • Prepare and submit to the Client Monthly, Quarterly and Annual reports
  • Prepare and submit to the Client Inception Reports, Mobilization Reports, Contract Completion Reports and Consultancy Completion Reports
  • Certify the Contractors payment certificates
  • Make correspondence with the Client and Contractor on the project matters
  • Review and approve the Contractor's work programme including equipment, Material and man power requirement
  • Review and analyse the contractor’s claims
  • Prepare variation orders and supplementary agreements
  • Conduct provisional and Final acceptance for completed projects and issue Completion Certificates



Contact Person:

Eng. Hayredin Mohammed,

Contract Formulation & Supervision Manager

Tel: 251-11-4393993

Fax: +251-11-4-391230

Email: Or


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