Construction Department

Construction Department was first established as one of the five operational departments in January 2007 when the company restructured itself in accordance with existing work processes for implementation of the quality management system. The department had two divisions, civil works construction division and electromechanical division.

Construction Department carried out different project activities, both in civil and electromechanical, since its establishment until August 2010. These include;


  • Organizing the department office with staff and other resources,
  •  Participating in various tenders
  •  Construction of Debre tabor concrete pole factory,
  •  Power distribution foundation constructions


The department has acquired vast experience in various civil & electromechanical construction works of Debre Tabor Concrete Pole Factory i.e. Factory Building Design, Construction of Building, Concrete foundations for high vibration machines and internal gravel access roads.

Construction Department has been split in to the following two separate departments since September 2010 due to the company’s structural revision to facilitate implementation of the new five years strategic plan

Construction Department

The newly established Construction Department is one of the seven operational departments of the company organized to provide a full range of expert services in the construction of Civil works. This department which has prepared itself to participate in all major construction works has the following three teams under it;

  1. Road Construction Team
  2. Building Construction Team
  3. Water Works Construction Team


Contact Person:

Eng. Samson Bekure

Manager, Construction Department

Tel: +251-11-4-391065,

Fax: +251-11-4-391230,





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