Supply and Equipment Service

Supply and Equipment Service provides a wide range of services for operational and other units of the company. It comprises two major divisions: Equipment Maintenance & Management Division and Supply & Procurement Division, both of which are organized with well experienced professionals in their respective streams. The service as a whole is responsible for providing the required support in management and supply of all the necessary materials and equipment to all units of the company according to their needs.

The Equipment Maintenance and Management Division is responsible for administering, maintenance planning and performing preventive and corrective maintenance of company equipment by using computerized Equipment Management System (EMS), where as the Supply and Procurement Division is responsible for supply and managing company materials and equipments, local and foreign purchase of all type of materials and equipment by using computerized Logistics Management System (LMS)

The major duties of the Procurement and Equipment Service are as follows:

A. Equipment Maintenance and Management Division:

I. Equipment Management Unit

  • Maintenance planning
  • Fleet management and equipment assignment
  • Collection and keeping of Equipment maintenance and management related records.

II. Equipment Maintenance unit

  • Performs preventive and corrective maintenance of company
  • equipments in Shop and on working sites, both electrical and mechanical.
  • Manufactures and modifies some of machine parts and some other supporting products
  • Performs equipment performance evaluation
  • Performs equipment body repair and painting

Others the work shop is well equipped with the necessary skilled manpower, tools and machineries for executing the above duties and the work shop uses computerized Equipment Management System (EMS)

B. Supply and procurement division:


This division is comprised of stock control, inventory control and procurement units for smooth and satisfactory performance of the company operation. This division:

  • Performs local and foreign purchase of all materials.
  • Performs receiving and delivery of all materials.
  • Storage and Proper Management of Materials.

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