PMES is a Service with main duty and responsibility to forecast the company's future development. In consultation with the company's management, it allocates recourses for planned activities and monitors the performances.

SABA has got five functional Departments and Nine Support giving Services. Each functional Department and Support giving Service plans its own activities and requests the corresponding budget to perform the planned activities. It also indicates the annual revenue to be collected from each activity/or Project. The annual physical & financial plan would be compiled, analyzed and presented to the Company Management for final approval, by PMES. Accordingly, each Department and Service reports its performance vis--vis the plan on quarterly basis. The PMES Coordinates, compiles, and analyses the reports and presents to the Quarterly Management meetings. Furthermore, the PMES produces other interim monitoring reports as deemed necessary.

The services PMES unit provides are:

  • Coordinates and takes the lead in the preparation of the company's five years strategic plan and revising it as deemed necessary.
  • Setting standards and norms, and design formats for the preparation of annual budgets of the company and assist each department or service in the preparation of annual departmental physical and financial action plan.
  • Critically review and compile requested departmental annual budget and submit it for the management for final approval.
  • In collaboration with the management of the company set priority among the different departments and allocate the annual budget accordingly.
  • Disintegrate and distribute the approved action plan to the respective functional departments and advice them to adjust their action plan as per the approved budget.
  • Ensuring annual action plan is prepared as per the contract agreement for ongoing projects, new projects are prepared and planned based on the company's available resource (Human, financial and material) and all projects are implemented as the planned schedule.
  • Establish a system for periodic monitoring and evaluation, and conduct field monitoring & evaluation.
  • Compiling and organizing periodic and annual physical & financial performance reports of the company vis--vis the action plan and advice the management to take corrective actions.
  • Coordinate and facilitate a periodic company management meeting to critically review and discuss on the progress reports of each department. In collaboration with the finance department establish and introduce budget control system.
  • Establish a financial, human resource & material data base and updating the same from time to time.
  • Reviewing the existing company performance reporting mechanisms and come up with an appropriate one.
  • Compile, Prepare and distribute to all concerned bodies the company's annual program and core managerial activities.
  • Maintaining, interpreting and updating various information, socio-economic & demographic data (population growth, per capita consumption, demand variations, socio-economic data, urban master plans, road net-works, government development priorities and land use plans, etc) as required.
  • Preparing and developing economic & financial feasibilities and opportunity studies for future expansion & investment allocation taking in to consideration major programs of the government, national and international market trends as well as technical, socio-economic and financial considerations.
  • Monitoring and adjusting activities, resources and plans by meeting with clients, project management groups, key workers and stakeholders.

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Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Head

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