Electromechanical Department

The Electromechanical Department of Saba Engineering is one of the Six operational departments of the company organized to provide a full range of expert services in the construction ofTransmission, Substation, Distribution line works and supply of electromechanical materials and equipment.

In Electromechanical construction sector, the country has potentials on upgrading, rehabilitating and extension inside and interconnection to the neighboring countries. The company has achieved experience in distribution line Construction and rehabilitation in different parts of the country. In addition to that the design department can give support on the foundation design works related to power Networks.

The Distribution Line construction team is a unit set under the Electromechanical department. The team is currently involved in distribution line design and construction works, such as right of clearing, foundation works, pole erection and conductor stringing for MV and LV Distribution line. It has experience in design and construction of Power Distribution Line with wooden and concrete poles and switch gear installation in rural electrification program of Ethiopia. Some of the towns that benefited from this program are:

In Northern Part (Amara Zone) thirteen (13) towns completed and commissioned - Gint , Walideba, ChaliaDeber, Chandeba, SertyaWarkeye, Ber Mariam, Chewber, WequinZuria, TalakMesk, YekrarZebzab, Narchacha, Dequa, Genete (Kenebew), while other four (4) towns are in process (Kesha, Ashere, Yayira, Janbelew,).

In the Southern Part (Kefa Zone) ten (10) towns are completed and commissioned (Beha, Bobagecha, Small Chiri, Gedam, kuti, Ogeya, Uffa, Degeli, Keja, Yina) while the other two (2) towns are in process (Meligawa, Yoka).

The Transmission and Substation Construction Team is a unit set under the electromechanical department for the participation and execution of power transmission and substation construction fields. The team will be involved in Transmission line route Surveying including Topographical survey and geotechnical investigation with the support of Design and geotechnical engineering department. It will be also involve in Construction of civil works in related to power networks (dwelling houses, Control room, Ditch's, Curb stones, Cable ducts and equipment and structural foundation). The transmission construction will be handled by this team. This team will have to assess international tenders in the areas of Power grid expansions.

The Electromechanical Materials supply and installations Team is a unit set under the electromechanical department for the supply and installation of electrical equipment. Generator, motors, industrial Electrical equipment, Transducers, Contactors, etc. supply and installations and after sales services.

The major professional services the Electromechanical Department provides to its clients are:

  • Design and construction of LV and MV Distribution line Networks
  • Preliminary design and Construction of (66kV, 132 kV, 230kV and 400kV) electrical power system networks (Transmission Line and Substation).
  • Supply and installation of electromechanical equipment
  • Design and construction of civil works for Power networks.
  • Consulting (Supervision of Construction of the power Projects including Generation Projects)


Contact Person:

Eng. Samson Bekure

Managing Director,

Tel: +251-11-4-391065,

Fax: +251-11-4-391230,

Email: samsonb@sabaeng.com


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