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Strengthening Project Monitoring

A company like SABA which involves itself in multifaceted business activities should establish and maintain a very strong and active monitoring & evaluation system to continuously follow up the activities of the projects, and take timely corrective actions. A project management should then depend on continuous assessment of project activities relying on a well established monitoring system and well refined techniques with monitoring reports taking centre stage in the whole process.

Monitoring reports would then, not only help a company take corrective actions on observed defects, but also help it to undertake preventive actions that protect the company from adverse situations minimizing risks and mitigating uncertainties. 

SABA has established a project monitoring system before three years and has presently taken measures to strengthen the system to be able to confront future challenges and effectively exploit opportunities. As the Construction Sector, specifically the Road Sector is booming at national level, SABA is reinvigorating its institutional capacity to reap the maximum share from the prevailing opportunity as it is doing with regard to its share in the African market. Currently, SABA is engaged in 32 significant magnitude projects in Road Design, Construction Supervision, Hydrogeology & Water well Drilling, Electric pole manufacturing,Electric power distribution line and Geotechnical Engineering.

To effectively and efficiently run these multifaceted projects, the management of SABA has strengthened the monitoring aspect through a bi-weekly activity conducted by a team comprising the DMD for Operation, Head, Planning, Monitoring & Evaluation Service and the respective Department managers.

This release was published on 11 Nov 2013. For more information, please contact Saba Engineering



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